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The key to buying your first property is a strong team

Jade Fitzgerald is the Principal and Owner of Ideal Buyer’s Agency. Ideal Buyer’s Agency works with prospective home buyers who are lost in the weeds of the process to help them find their forever home.

In this episode, Jade expresses why she’s passionate about helping first-home buyers, how to make the most of a buyer’s agent’s services, and the best way to buy a property when you can’t look at it yourself. She also opens up about The Forgotten Women project and why it matters.

Jade Fitzgerald is the Principal and Owner of Ideal Buyer’s Agency. Ideal Buyer’s Agency works with prospective home buyers who are lost in the weeds of the process to help them find their forever home.

In this episode, Jade expresses why she’s passionate about helping first-home buyers, how to make the most of a buyer’s agent’s services, and the best way to buy a property when you can’t look at it yourself. She also opens up about The Forgotten Women project and why it matters.

Episode Outline

00:00Disclaimer 00:16Introduction 01:27 Getting to know Jade Fitzgerald 02:23Why is Jade passionate about first home buying? 06:50What was it like to move to a new home which you haven’t seen yet? 11:30Tips for buyers who are looking to buy a home which they haven’t seen yet? 14:13Case Study 19:50 How did Jade get involved with The Forgotten Women Project? 28:01No. 1 Tip for First Home Buyers 31:00What do you wish you could tell yourself when you were buying your first home? 33:10How to get in touch with Jade Fitzgerald

Show Notes

Jade Fitzgerald is the Principal and Owner of Ideal Buyer’s Agency. Ideal Buyer’s Agency works with prospective home buyers who are lost in the weeds of the process to help them find their forever home.

In this episode, Jade expresses why she’s passionate about helping first-home buyers, how to make the most of a buyer’s agent’s services, and the best way to buy a property when you can’t look at it yourself. She also opens up about The Forgotten Women project and why it matters.

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Jade Fitzgerald (Principal and Owner of Ideal Buyer’s Agency)


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It does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs.

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You should consider whether this information is suitable for you and your personal circumstances before acting on it.

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Hi and welcome to the home, run your guide to buying your first home in Australia on the show, I’ll walk you through the home-buying process from every angle.

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We cover steps to take the pitfalls to avoid and the answers to all your questions.

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I’m your host, Michael Nasser and I’m a mortgage broker at Lendstreet and I really love helping people buy their first home.

Michael 0:45
Today, we’re chatting with Jade Fitzgerald Jade is the principal and owner of Ideal Buyers Agency in Brisbane.

Michael 0:52
Ideal buyer agency is for people lost in the home buying process.

Michael 0:57
Jade works closely with first home buyers to cut through the confusion and help them find their home, whether it’s to live in or as an investment property purchase in this episode, Jade will share why she’s passionate about helping people find their home and what the buying process looks like.

Michael 1:14
When you can’t look at a property yourself.

Michael 1:17
She’ll also breakdown what the forgotten women’s project is and why it’s so important.

Michael 1:22
Let’s jump in Jade.

Michael 1:27
Welcome to the show.

Jade 1:28
Thanks for having me.

Jade 1:29
The first thing I like to do with podcasts like these and our podcast is to get to know you.

Jade 1:34
So, in your own words, can you explain what do you do?

Jade 1:36
I’m a buyer’s agent with my own business in Brisbane, which I started nearly 2.5 years ago.

Jade 1:42
Now on my own, I was working for one of the top buyer’s agents in Brisbane for a while, but decided that I wanted to be out on my own.

Jade 1:51
And so I specialise in helping people buy their forever homes, but also a lot of investment properties and things like that.

Jade 2:00
A lot of people don’t know what a buyer’s agent does or thinks that we’re super expensive.

Jade 2:05
I like to go against mold and help as many people as I can.

Jade 2:08
And mostly my greatest love is first homeowners.

Jade 2:12
So I really specialise in helping first homeowners and that’s my love and that’s what gets me out of bed every day.

Michael 2:20
I know you mentioned first-home buyers.

Michael 2:22
What is it about the first home buyers that makes you so passionate about them?

Jade 2:25
Going from my own experience with the process, I was a late bloomer if you’d like to call it that in the property buying myself.

Jade 2:34
And I realised that even throughout the process myself, that I actually didn’t have a brass Razo as to what’s going on.

Jade 2:44
How does it work?

Jade 2:45
I did it in the middle of COVID.

Jade 2:47
We actually purchased in a separate state and I guess I kind of got to a point where I was like, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Jade 2:55
Why would I assume that I’m gonna spend the most money I’m ever gonna spend in my life and know how to do it or what I’m doing.

Jade 3:05
So I had actually engaged a buyer’s agent myself to buy my first property and I learned a lot throughout the process.

Jade 3:13
I was very lucky to have a great buyer’s agent.

Jade 3:16
But at the same time, I couldn’t believe that everyone was out there doing it on their own, trying to figure out contracting offers, building and pests, like all of these different things.

Jade 3:26
And I guess you go to professionals to get help when you going to the doctors or whatever or get a new car fixed or any of these sorts of things.

Jade 3:36
You don’t just take it to Joe Blow down the street or pop into mom and dad and ask them a question and walk away and think, oh, well, I’ve got the answers to everything.

Jade 3:45
So for me, I think it’s about learning all of those sorts of things along the process.

Jade 3:52
But then now that I’m in the position I’m in, I love sharing the knowledge with everyone.

Jade 3:57
I specialise in helping first homeowners and being very generous with the information that I have.

Jade 4:03
And the time that I have, I think if people have got to a point where they have saved enough money to get a deposit for a house and then if they’ve gone and they’ve educated themselves enough to speak to a broker.

Jade 4:17
Number one, you learn first step above all else.

Jade 4:21
Yeah, there’s lots that needs to be learned like they are, they are absolutely quintessential first steps.

Jade 4:27
But after that, where do you start?

Jade 4:28
What do you look at?

Jade 4:29
Where do you go from there?

Jade 4:31
I think at the moment we’re also seeing sort of a lot within the market where people are not necessarily getting enough of a home loan to live where they are now.

Jade 4:42
And so there needs to be a bit more of a shift and a look at thinking a bit outside the box of where do you buy?

Jade 4:50
What do you buy?

Jade 4:52
And potentially it may not be something that you live in yourself.

Jade 4:56
So I know rent vesting is sort of seems to be a new word that’s being bade around, but it’s quite a good one.

Jade 5:03
And I think self-explanatory really that trying to get people to understand that we’ve got multiple options in front of us.

Jade 5:11
What do they look like, where do you buy?

Jade 5:15
And what does that look like for your future?

Jade 5:17
Those are the sorts of things that I just.

Michael 5:20
And I guess the, the two take homes of the taken from what you’ve just mentioned, there is obviously the journey is the first home buyer.

Michael 5:25
You kind of don’t know what you don’t know at the beginning of it all and, and having experienced it yourself and helping others through it, you’ve seen that road before and you don’t know what you don’t know.

Michael 5:34
And so pairing with somebody or getting the assistance from someone is obviously critical, I believe.

Michael 5:39
And something that I’m passionate about too, obviously, which is, you know, the mechanisms of this podcast, which is trying to educate the first home buyers as much as we possibly can about that because it is a lot, we can take off a little bit more than we can chew potentially in this instance.

Michael 5:53
And having that support is, is critical.

Michael 5:56
So I totally get what you’re doing in that regard.

Michael 5:58
And then as you’ve mentioned towards the end of the rent vesting side of things, and this is a concept which is starting to, I guess, really take form because of reduced borrowing capacities.

Michael 6:07
Over the last 12, 13, 14 months, the amount of times the interest rate has gone up has affected borrowing capacity.

Michael 6:13
So people aren’t able to buy necessarily where they want to buy, but they want to get into the market.

Michael 6:17
And I guess that leaves them in a situation as to buying where they may not live or where they may not normally reside or want to reside.

Michael 6:25
And then, you know, that leads into that particular space there.

Michael 6:28
So which forms a little bit of what we’re gonna talk about in depth today, which is buying a property without seeing it.

Michael 6:34
And that’s something that you’ve had experience with having relocated from New South Wales to Queensland in the pandemic.

Michael 6:40
So it was also throw in that.

Michael 6:41
It’s hard enough to move in your own, right?

Michael 6:43
But you picked a pretty exciting time to do it as well in the crux of COVID.

Michael 6:47
So you did move to a home without being able to say it.

Michael 6:50
Can you explain that experience? What was it like?

Jade 6:52
The whole experience of the pandemic?

Jade 6:56
The side itself was kind of revolting and scary.

Jade 6:59
And I’d been actually living in the Middle East for the seven years prior and went back to Sydney like nine months really before it kind of all kicked off.

Jade 7:08
And I was from Sydney and I’m a bit of a Sydney girl and I have a Moroccan husband that I brought that with me.

Jade 7:15
But when the pandemic hit, we were in a two-bedroom apartment, we’d been already looking in Sydney.

Jade 7:21
And like I, as I say, it was in my head.

Jade 7:24
Yeah, we’ll buy an apartment in Sydney and that’s our life for now.

Jade 7:28
And that kind of thing.

Jade 7:29
And we were living in an apartment where you literally couldn’t see the sky unless you sat on the balcony and just, it was a big block.

Jade 7:36
And, I don’t know, Brisbane is where we have purchased and it was always on our cards, sort of as a long-term vision that this would be sort of like retirement, I guess.

Jade 7:46
But, yeah, it was really, my husband actually who started looking in Brisbane and was, he’d been here for four days in his lifetime, but we sort of knew that this was the lifestyle more and you don’t know what was happening in the future.

Jade 8:01
And I think at the time the pandemic made a lot of people, including us really re-evaluate your life and what’s important to you and what direction you wanna be in and like, where are you now?

Jade 8:15
And how long do you wait till you start living the best life that you want?

Jade 8:20
And then once we started looking, so the property boom really hadn’t taken off here.

Jade 8:26
So we were sort of able to look and jump online, which of course you think is the first step, right?

Jade 8:31
You jump onto

Jade 8:33
Well, actually Domain, if you’re in New South Wales, not that no one in Queensland really uses this domain.

Jade 8:38
We all use

Jade 8:40
But yeah, we were looking at property and like the price difference and what we could get and we were like Well, what are we doing in Sydney?

Jade 8:48
And I had a great job and my husband’s a chef.

Jade 8:51
So we were in and out of work with him as soon as the pandemic kind of hit.

Jade 8:55
And we had a really great connection with a friend who put us in touch with a buyer’s agent.

Jade 9:01
And from there, like, I didn’t even know we needed a mortgage broker.

To be honest, I’ve got to deposit, get a loan.

Jade 9:07
It was interesting, the whole process, we had to go through hotel quarantine the whole lot.

Jade 9:13
It was, we had cats, we dripped, it was pretty crazy but engaging someone who could act on our behalf and literally, it was invaluable, sort of having him being able to take us through everything and was very kind and generous in knowledge sharing there as well.

Jade 9:32
I mean, it is definitely a service that you pay for.

Jade 9:36
It is a premium service, particularly when you’re buying a permanent place of residence or as we like to call them.

Jade 9:44
It is a lot more involved potentially than an investment property.

Jade 9:47
And I know that myself, but yeah, it was very full on.

Jade 9:51
I’m still very proud of my husband and I being so brave luckily where we did purchase and what it looks like.

Jade 9:59
Now we have done very well from a investment in our own property.

Jade 10:04
Not that that’s why we bought it.

Jade 10:06
We fell in love with the property itself, but, but in saying that every single time I buy for a family who it is their forever home.

Jade 10:15
And I am the only person that’s seen it and they either get off an airplane or even sometimes they’re just living in Melbourne and Sydney and they don’t even fly up and see it and they just take my recommendation or, you know, I’m all about the vibe of the problem in the space.

Jade 10:32
I still, it still blows my mind that it.

Michael 10:35
Yeah, and even mine to be fair like to, to think that people will consider buying something without looking at it.

Michael 10:41
I guess that definitely highlights the need of having a professional on your side when you’re doing something like that.

Michael 10:46
It just wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have somebody on the ground in that particular area to at least guide you and advise you as to what it was that you were getting yourself into.

Jade 10:54
I think people really forget more than anything that the selling agent are selling agents.

Jade 11:02
They represent the vendor and the seller.

Jade 11:04
And I think they do a great job when you’re selling, you want a really great pitfall on your side.

Jade 11:11
But I think when people are looking at buying in there, particularly if they’re not boots on the ground themselves and aren’t able to see the property themselves.

Jade 11:20
Relying on just the sales side of it is fraught with danger.

Michael 11:27
What advice do you have for some people who are looking to purchase a property in a location they don’t live in or can easily visit.

Jade 11:35
I guess the most important thing is with that is make sure that you’ve got a team on the ground that’s gonna be able to support you.

Jade 11:42
And for me, I find the most important people in the Craven Post is the property managers.

Jade 11:49
But if you can start engaging people from the outset, they’re running a business obviously themselves and they want your after you’ve purchased the property.

Jade 12:00
So you’ve gone through and if we’re assuming that you’ve got your whole team behind you, you’ve got your mortgage broker, you’re potentially engaged buyers.

Jade 12:09
They, they will have done most of it for you.

Jade 12:12
But if you’re not easy, sorry, a buyer’s agent and you’re doing it on your own.

Jade 12:15
Remember that the selling agents are there to sell you the property and what you need is to start building the team on the ground that will start managing and looking after the property for you.

Jade 12:27
Once you pay, they will do things nine times out of hand, like go and have a look at the property for you before you purchase.

Jade 12:35
They will do a preset inspection, which is a really important step in the process as you maneuver through the purchasing process as well.

Jade 12:45
And they’ll also start giving you things like your rental appraisals, which are really important to get on letterhead from agents that are on the ground in the area as well.

Jade 12:58
That would be my number one sort of steps, I guess, sort of getting to that point.

Jade 13:03
I think you can use all of the data.

Jade 13:05
And they’re brilliant tools.

Jade 13:07
Don’t get me wrong.

Jade 13:08
And we’ve got more and more of them hitting the market, but they’re still only as good as the data that’s inputted into them.

Jade 13:15
And you cannot, and I know AI is this wonderful thing that’s hit the world and all of this new technology is great but cannot beat people with boots on the ground who are in the trenches daily and are going to be representing you as the owner.

Jade 13:31
And now also a landlord.

Jade 13:34
If you go down that path, if you are buying for yourself, it’s a different conversation and you’re going to live in it yourself.

Jade 13:41
I think there’s some different things to do.

Jade 13:43
But if you are not gonna live in it, that would be my number one steps.

Michael 13:47
The one thing that I took over from what you said was you gotta run it like a business if rent investing as a first home buyer, obviously, this is then the rent investing scenario.

Michael 13:54
But you know, so you’re gonna buy a property, you’re not gonna live in it, you’re gonna rent it out, you’re going to be effectively starting another business and that’s how you need to treat it.

Michael 14:01
And like with any good business, you need good people and people that know what they’re doing.

Michael 14:05
So, I, yeah, totally resonated with that comment and can see how that would make sense, especially if you’re not seeing the property.

Michael 14:11
So, can you share a story of someone that you’ve helped to buy a property without seeing it?

Michael 14:16
What did it look like?

Michael 14:17
What should it look like?

Michael 14:18
And how did it go?

Michael 14:18
And a bit of a case study if you will.

Jade 14:23
I guess I’ll stick with first homeowners. To be honest, when we’re staying on this sort of rent vesting kind of path, I mean, even apparently I’ve got a couple of clients that I’m working with and I think people think that you need to have this huge investment, especially if you’re in Sydney and Melbourne, that whole thought of buying property is actually so overwhelming because of the price points that are within those areas of the state.

Jade 14:46
But I have some amazingly smart, brave humans at the moment who I am helping.

Jade 14:53
And they’ve got a pre-approval anywhere between that 355 500 mark, which is really attainable and doable for people gave to the right people to help you in that process.

Jade 15:07
Talk to a mortgage broker.

Jade 15:09
Can’t be more clear about it.

Jade 15:10
Talk to a mortgage broker start today because once you start figuring that out and then you go.

Jade 15:16
Oh, ok, dad.

Jade 15:17
Well, I’ve got a, let’s say you’ve got a pre-approval for 400,000.

Jade 15:21
I’m immediately going great.

Jade 15:24
You live in Sydney or you live in Melbourne, you live in Tasmania, forget about it.

Jade 15:30
You know, like it’s not just the whole Sydney and Melbourne situation, but even in Brisbane, to be honest, are you gonna be able to find something to give in for yourself?

Jade 15:39
If that’s where your home base is potentially low?

Jade 15:43
Can we look at buying you something that is in a growth area which is a whole other conversation happy to have.

Jade 15:50
But somewhere like Rockhampton Bundaberg, those sorts of places at the moment.

Jade 15:56
Hot fit for those that are listening.

Jade 15:58
Yes, you can buy a great sometimes, you know, three bedroom, one bathroom, sometimes I can even find a four bedroom, two bathroom and they will rent out beautifully.

Jade 16:09
We’ve got good infrastructure going into these places.

Jade 16:12
If you look at things like new schools, hospitals, roads, transport and then yeah, are you personally gonna go and leave that?

Jade 16:22
No kind of challenging to some people in a lot of ways to think about the whole thing that they’re never going to see the property themselves.

Jade 16:31
So I spend a lot of time holding the hand of my beautiful clients through that process because it is really full on.

Jade 16:41
You’re like, well, wait, you gotta buy a place and I may never see it.

Jade 16:45
I’m like, you may never even do a drive-by, but you are now a rentvestor.

Jade 16:50
You are going to own an investment property.

Jade 16:53
If you’re gonna hold your hand the whole way through the process, it’s gonna sit there earning and building growth and hopefully it’s got a really good yield for you.

Jade 17:04
Which yield is another thing that gets fancied around and people don’t really understand what is yield, net yield, net growth of all that sort of stuff, yield growth and growth.

Jade 17:15

Jade 17:16
So it’s a really interesting kind of path to go down and there’s a lot of education that needs to go behind it.

Jade 17:23
Lots of people still, they can buy a property like that rented out and there’ll be no costs for them.

Jade 17:29
That is the greatest myth on the face of the planet.

Jade 17:33
Every property has costs behind it.

Jade 17:36
You need to pay someone to manage it for you, you pay for and make sure that you have some money, you need to get some maintenance.

Jade 17:44
There will generally always be a small slight gap between what the rental yield is.

Jade 17:50
So the rental amount is that you’re going to make and what your mortgage repayments are.

Jade 17:56
And at the moment, as we all know, we’re seeing fluctuations within our interest rates.

Jade 18:01
So sometimes you might need to have even a little buffer there for you.

Jade 18:04
The whole idea is to make sure that that amount of money that you’re paying on top of is manageable with you, but the property is gonna seek growth into the future and it will, it will see you on the property ladder before you know, it and then you’ve got equity in the property and you can start thinking about other, I guess one of my guessing is I really love helping women, especially sorry, fellas.

Jade 18:31
I know you’re old too.

Jade 18:32
But for me, women do not speak about finances or purchasing or any of these things enough.

Jade 18:40
So, most terrifying statistic that we have in Australia is women over the age of 55.

Jade 18:47
Our fastest growing homeless population and I do a lot where I am there to try and help and educate on that level as well, I think except with property in general is it’s really expensive and you can’t afford it and options aren’t explored.

Jade 19:06
And I think there’s a whole wealth of people like yourself who are out there trying to share the information.

Jade 19:13
Yeah, it’s on the ground.

Jade 19:15
Real-life information.

Jade 19:16
Not from your mom and dad, not from your auntie’s cousin’s brother’s sister who bought, you know, even five years ago.

Michael 19:24
I mean, unless your, your mother or father happened to be a buyer’s agent, in which case, maybe that you, you can tick both boxes in that instance.

Michael 19:31
But in essence, it’s, it’s the professional aspect and the professional approach to the purchase process, especially when you’re not seeing it, something you’ve mentioned and I was going to touch on and we’re definitely, you know, a bit of a shift from, I guess the not inspecting the property you’re not seeing and something we’ve spoken to some people about recently is this alarming statistic about Australian women retiring into poverty.

Michael 19:48
If you’ve mentioned it already, you’re involved with the Forgotten Women project, which aims to provide safe affordable housing to 40,000 women over the age of 55 in Queensland, you know, who are currently facing homelessness.

Michael 20:00
How did you get involved with that?

Michael 20:01
And can you tell us a little bit more about the organization?

Jade 20:03
Oh, look, it’s just so amazing.

Jade 20:05
And I honestly, if it’s the smallest thing I can do then, yeah, amazing organization that is actually based and run out of the suburb that I live in which I didn’t even know at the time.

Jade 20:18
So I had watched a program on ABC and it was called The Forgotten.

Jade 20:24
And it made me upset thinking about it.

Jade 20:27
The amount of stories of women who we know at the end of the day we earn less money, take time off work on top of that to raise Children.

Jade 20:37
And you need to, the statistics in regards to separation, divorce, all of those sorts of things are not good in our favor either.

Jade 20:49
So you end up with this snowballing rapid descent into, oh, I no longer have a family.

Jade 20:56
I ever did have one in the first to now also being in the fact that you’re in your fifties and it’s like even getting a rental becomes tricky, but particularly getting a mortgage can become very know, I think there’s a lot of government schemes out there as well.

Jade 21:15
And I am not even going to try and touch on these, but that’s where people like you are vital in the equation of looking at what’s available for people.

Jade 21:25
If you’ve got dependent Children, if you’re of an a certain age bracket, there are different kind of schemes that you can be involved in.

Jade 21:34
Also, even the first homeowners, I think people don’t really realise that you can, you don’t have to live in them all the time.

Jade 21:42
Like there are different ways of getting into the market.

Jade 21:46
And I think the most important thing at the moment is that these women are not old, they’re not retired.

Jade 21:52
They have nowhere to live.

Jade 21:54
And for me, I am one of those, I was one job away from potentially not having somewhere to live.

Jade 22:04
I met my partner, whether I had that joint income.

Jade 22:08
I am from Sydney.

Jade 22:10
It’s a lot of single women in Sydney.

Jade 22:13
I think the rating is still 5 to 1.

Jade 22:16
I’ve got an amazing bunch of super professional, amazing women in my life who have not got on the property ladder are hitting their mid-forties.

Jade 22:28
It’s starting to get p and we still don’t want to have these conversations with their brother more than, and I think that’s something that’s just super important.

Jade 22:38
We’ve gotta talk about it.

Jade 22:40
Where are you financially?

Jade 22:42
And maybe you need that new handbag or do we need to open you a fund trying to think about your future.

Jade 22:49
And I mean, my whole thing is at the moment is if it all goes kicked up and you buy yourself a red vestment property and you’ve lost your job and all that kind of stuff.

Jade 22:58
Can you then sit there and go.

Jade 23:02
I’ve actually still got somewhere I can.

Michael 23:05
But it gives you an option.


Jade 23:06

Jade 23:06
The amount of people that I’m seeing at the moment saying things like, oh, well, I’m just gonna buy a caravan.

Jade 23:12
I went and slept in my car for one night with the forgotten women.

Jade 23:17
They run a charity event every year where you sleep in your car and you raise money for, for obviously the charity one night.

Jade 23:26
And I cannot tell you how, we with a whole bunch of other people all doing it at the same time, the thought of driving around that street trying to find somewhere to take you live Australian mate.

Jade 23:40
I think there’s a whole lot there to unpack and yes, it is.

Jade 23:43
Something I’m super passionate about.

Jade 23:45
Nothing to talk about for hours.

Michael 23:48
What other things do you think can be done to help with this issue? I guess, from your experience.

Jade 23:51
Education, more than anything education and exactly kind of what you’re doing now, more than anything free accessible advice that can point people in the right direction as to where and how they can progress onto a property ladder.

Jade 24:09
I think we need to get people to really start thinking outside the box of what a traditional practice of a property looks like because we’re all living in the, and it changes daily.

Jade 24:22
Like, what does the future look like for us all?

Jade 24:25
You know, we’re heading into overpopulated cities.

Jade 24:28
It’s gonna be interesting to see how that goes and it’s all over the media at the moment which does get beaten up a lot.

Jade 24:34
I won’t go there, but we have a shortage of houses as it news, but we need to start thinking a little bit outside the box.

Jade 24:44
So what does that look like for you?

Jade 24:47
Doesn’t mean that?

Jade 24:47
Yeah, you’re not having your first home isn’t gonna be a four-bedroom pool in the backyard and room to swing a cat.

Jade 24:54
It could be a one-bedroom in a suburb that you have to travel a little bit further for work or in a whole other area that you’re not even gonna live in.

Jade 25:02
But you’re at least got somewhere on the earth.

Jade 25:06
That’s yours.

Jade 25:07
It is all about education and being brave and I even find people are scared to even pick up the phone to people like you and start talking about finances.

Jade 25:17
People seem to think, oh, it’ll, it will affect my credit rate.

Jade 25:21
Where did they get that information from?

Michael 25:23
Well, misinformation, I guess more than anything.

Michael 25:25
So, yeah, and it’s something that we obviously get asked all the time.

Michael 25:28
There seems to be a fear of the credit, which is good that they’ve got knowledge about it.

Michael 25:32
But I guess how is it directly affecting you or not?

Michael 25:34
And what does that mean for you going forward with presenting some options to you?

Michael 25:37
You tend to find the people that are a bit worried about it are probably worried about it for a particular reason which is not a wrong thing or a right thing.

Michael 25:43
But yeah, obviously when you speak to a broker and anything that a broker does a can never touch your credit file, they basically get a snapshot to look at it for the purposes of the home loan and they do that, not because they want to find out anything.

Michael 25:55
It’s just that if they do, then it might determine which lender we might place the deal with.

Michael 26:00
And it’s done more as an assistance more than trying to pick up or dig out something that that’s gonna be hidden because the bank will find it eventually, or the lender will find it eventually.

Michael 26:07
So if we’re proactive about it and we can mitigate it, then it just increases our chances of an approval.

Michael 26:12
So that’s an interesting point there that you’ve mentioned.

Jade 26:14
Well, until that sort of stage has got to, you know, everything I’m talking about or any indication I like buying somewhere recently or what have you.

Jade 26:23
It’s sort of a moot forming field.

Jade 26:25
I don’t know, I’ve never been one myself that with my five exes do you not get me wron.

Michael 26:32
You the majority of people there.

Jade 26:34
But I just think there’s this fear around it that needs to be busted the whole way through as well and ask questions, don’t say.

Jade 26:43
And I keep harping on about, don’t listen to your moms and dads back in the day, they would have gone to a bank.

Jade 26:49
There was no one, the bank manager they would when I walk in the door and go, you know, Bob, how are you going?

Jade 26:54
Blah, blah, blah.

Jade 26:55
Those days are so well and truly over.

Jade 26:58
I mean, I don’t even remember the last time I went into a bank days of that are just so over.

Jade 27:03
And I think really, it’s that education piece about learning where you’re at financially now and then even if you’re not there right now and it might, you know, be 12 or 24 month plan, but the plan has to start and it has to start from somewhere.

Jade 27:20
There’s lots of people that are sitting in the waiting room and they’re waiting for the mom and dad or they’re waiting for the grandparents to pop off and there comes their inheritance or family home or whatever that they can get access to.

Jade 27:33
But I don’t know what’s gonna happen between now and then.

Michael 27:36

Michael 27:38
Your own plan.

Michael 27:39
Yeah, I like that.

Michael 27:40
I, I guess it comes back down to the fact that knowledge is power ultimately.

Michael 27:43
And that’s the education piece as Well, so, and obviously with that education, it, it does empower you, which is, I think for women as well.

Michael 27:49
And, and for men, it’s, it’s, you’ve got to empower yourself, no-one’s gonna do it for you.

Michael 27:53
And it’s about sort of knowing what’s possible and how to achieve, you know, what your goals are, but you’ve got to find out what they are for yourself and then obviously embark on that journey with the right people that can help you get there.

Michael 28:01
We always wrap up by asking two questions.

Michael 28:03
The first of those two questions is what is your number one tip for a first home buyer who’s trying to get into the market?

Jade 28:09
Honestly, my number one tip for everybody.

Jade 28:12
Dr M I saw that that person as well is about this as you are building a team of support behind you.

Jade 28:24
There is many people and many touch points that you will need throughout the buying process.

Jade 28:29
And there are things like conveyancers.

Jade 28:32
There are mortgage brokers, there are building and pest inspectors.

Jade 28:37
There are all of these different people, potentially, hopefully a buyers that.

Michael 28:43
Yeah, some tax agents too.

Michael 28:43
If you’re doing some rest, some tax advice.

Jade 28:47
There are multiple people. So my thing is is to figure out what are all the people that you’re gonna need more practice and then start interviewing people.

Jade 28:57
Don’t wait for the last minute until you’ve actually already kind of, you’ve got the house and then you’re like, oh, crap.

Jade 29:03
I need a building and pest inspector and stuff.

Jade 29:06
Who do I use?

Jade 29:07
Where do I go first?

Jade 29:08
You know, start looking at all of those things, get out there and start looking around and get into homes.

Jade 29:17
I think it’s really interesting when I watch people going in and out of homes for infection, I look at every home really differently.

Jade 29:24
Obviously I am looking for.

Jade 29:28
Yes, wear and tear doesn’t really say great stuff.

Jade 29:32
I like to call it prosthetics like makeup on a property, you know, paint can be paid.

Jade 29:38
But when you’re in a place and you’re looking at it, look at the great, where is it?

Jade 29:42
What does it sound like?

Jade 29:44
What kind of cars are there?

Jade 29:46
What are the neighbors gardens?

Jade 29:48
Like all of those sorts of things?

Jade 29:51
You’ve got to figure out what it is that you’re buying for and how you want to leave yourself if it’s the rent vest, don’t even worry about those things.

Michael 30:00
Makes sense and, and that they’re also there’s a heap of gold in that.

Michael 30:04
So in terms of little things like that, looking at, identifying the neighbour’s gardens, like it’s not something I would think about the first instance, but it totally makes sense as to why that could give you some insights as well.

So I, I think definitely lots of gold in that.

Jade 30:15
Sport being active.

Michael 30:16

Jade 30:17
Oh yeah, you can look from the satellite view.

Jade 30:21
It is good to scope out the look right as far as you can, you can, I mean, I literally just almost bought a property for a gorgeous client.

Jade 30:32
And then I went back and I, I go back multiple times and I’m looking and I was like this, this property behind me that where we were buying, it was full with crap.

Jade 30:42
And I was like, that has a order and I, you know, rang a couple and I went and did a drive by for me.

Jade 30:48
Sure enough.

Jade 30:49
And I, I pulled this out straight away.

Jade 30:51
No one wants to live with the order of.

Michael 30:54

Michael 30:54

Jade 30:55
No, no really important, you know.

Michael 30:58
All right.

Michael 30:58
And the second question that I’ve got is if you could go back with the knowledge that you have now before you made your first home purchase, what do you wish you could tell yourself at that particular point based on what, you know, now before you bought your first home.

Jade 31:13
I know now that I would have a lot more than I currently have.

Jade 31:17
I would have, I would have been more aware that I was, I was in a position to be able to purchase and that my first time didn’t be with me to be the one that I was gonna be really entered my brain thought and my purchasing parameters, I guess.

Jade 31:37
And yeah, mine would be to be brave, start talking to people straight away and figure out where you’re at.

Jade 31:44
And what you need to be able to get in.

Jade 31:47
Because once you get that first one, the equity that’s in there and the growth that you’ll see it, it will now then take your and I think also as well, like when you say first homeowners, people tend to think that it’s all you young people.

Jade 32:01
We’re in our late thirties, early forties.

Jade 32:03
I think the people that I’m helping at the moment, which sometimes really can drive me up the wall.

Jade 32:09
They’re in their early twenties, 100%.

Jade 32:12
They are living at home with mom and dad still, they are getting that whole gift and they are buying and they are rent investing and they are the people that are buying these crazy little, not crazy pounds, but there’s still got to be growth and, and value there.

Jade 32:27
But you know, like they’re being brave, they’re thinking outside the box, they are building generational wealth for themselves by starting small with a new.

Michael 32:39
And being consistent and thinking of, of the long-term game I think.

Michael 32:42
And that’s sort of part of that strategy, the component that you’ve got to begin with and starting sooner I think is something that a lot of people will probably always say, I wish I did this earlier.

Michael 32:49
So that’s a great tip.

Michael 32:51
Yeah, I think, and that will resonate with a lot of people and, and I guess for the younger listeners, if you have that opportunity, find out what you can do and, and get a move on, I think because, long term, you definitely won’t regret it, especially if it’s property.

Michael 33:01
Well, thanks so much for your time today, Jade.

Michael 33:04
I really appreciate it.

Michael 33:05
If anyone wants to get in touch with you, either yourself or if they want to get in touch with the forgotten Women project.

Michael 33:10
How do they do that?

Jade 33:11

Jade 33:14
I am always available and happy to have a chat as well.

Jade 33:17
You’ll find my phone number and email on there as well.

Jade 33:20
Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and have a free no obligations chat.

Jade 33:25
I love talking property and all things property and I just can’t tell I’m, I’m always on for a chat and always happy to help out wherever as well.

Jade 33:35
I also have a special rate for first homeowners that I charge and obviously happy to offer a discount from anyone that’s heard from the home run today, a further 5% off my fee that’s there as well.

Jade 33:49
But I think at the moment I’ve literally just finished purchasing an apartment for a gorgeous young client.

Jade 33:55
She was literally having a pre-approval was gonna run out in three weeks was like you need to talk to Jade like you need to talk to her right now and she’d already bought the house actually.

Jade 34:09
And the building and pest inspector had gone through and said, don’t buy this.

Jade 34:14
It, it’s bad so she was in full freak out.

Jade 34:16
I guess.

Jade 34:17
My average turnaround time is about 21 days for purchasing and it’s because I’m a professional buyer.

Jade 34:22
It’s what I do every day.

Jade 34:24
You have a finger on the pulse.

Jade 34:26
And yeah, so I’m, as I say, happy to have a chat at Yeah, I think it’s a stupid question.

Jade 34:32
There are no stupid questions.

Jade 34:33
Only stupid be absolutely.

Michael 34:35
And I agree with that totally.

Michael 34:36
And we’ll have details of that information in our show notes too and details of that offer as well.

Michael 34:41
So that’s awesome.

Michael 34:42
And if anyone’s listening, I’d definitely encourage them to give Jade a call and take up that offer because that sounds fantastic.

Michael 34:48
So, but once again, thanks Jade for coming onto the show.

Michael 34:51
I appreciate all your insights and your tips.

Jade 34:53
It’s been great having you on be a black up.

Michael 34:58
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